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More Secrets Revealed!

March 10, 2011
I think that my desire and willingness to share my creations and "artworks" might be quite obvious, but one thing I have been reluctant to share thus far are my writings. The idea still gives me anxiety. Despite this anxiety; however, I have done just that. Shared my writings that is.

Most of them are really terrible and they are all pretty old. But I have saved them time to time, and put them into a collected them and published them under a sub-domain here. The design of the collection is still a working project, or in "beta" stages, but if you'd like to read them, here are my Secret Words

I am regretting publishing them as a sub domain of this domain, being that I was trying to keep them somewhat "secret," or least I didn't want them to be so blatantly affiliated with myself. Having them at "nymphont" which is a moniker I do associate with myself and have tried to establish as my "brand," defeats that aim at anonymity.

But... I figured that in the end that doesn't really matter. Does it? 

Please don't tell anyone about this okay? Lets keep this between us. :)


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