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More Secrets Revealed!

March 10, 2011
I think that my desire and willingness to share my creations and "artworks" might be quite obvious, but one thing I have been reluctant to share thus far are my writings. The idea still gives me anxiety. Despite this anxiety; however, I have done just that. Shared my writings that is.

Most of them are really terrible and they are all pretty old. But I have saved them time to time, and put them into a collected them and published them under a sub-domain here. The design of the collection is still a working project, or in "beta" stages, but if you'd like to read them, here are my Secret Words

I am regretting publishing them as a sub domain of this domain, being that I was trying to keep them somewhat "secret," or least I didn't want them to be so blatantly affiliated with myself. Having them at "nymphont" which is a moniker I do associate with myself and have tried to establish as my "brand," defeats that aim at anonymity.

But... I figured that in the end that doesn't really matter. Does it? 

Please don't tell anyone about this okay? Lets keep this between us. :)

Ready or not, it's Nymphont Dot Com!

February 26, 2011
Well, this domain isn't really doing anyone much good just wasting away now does it? [No.] I should think not. So let's blog, why don't we. [That was rhetorical] Harr harr.

Being that I have yet to really "unveil" this blog, or in 'important-site-speak,' "this site has not yet launched," there is not much to report on that end. But I do have a few small things to share, and that I can at least try to account for some of my time not spent here.

And that would be the "launching" of a portfolio site, located at Pixel-Vixen.com. Nothing too fancy smancy for sure. Just abusing the Blogger platform again with a one page portfolio. Do take a visit, I welcome all feedback. Even if it might burn just a bit.

And... I feel like I am forgetting something. Oh, maybe my blog. Yes, I have neglected it for a while. But I know that it can fend for itself, at least for a little while longer.

What else, what else, what else? No need to bore you with promises of things to come right? Of course new things are underway. How am I to predict them? I don't even know what I am doing. And sometimes, that's just how I like it. Fingers crossed.

Is this thing on?

December 8, 2010
I am so excited to have nymPHont.com back again, I am not sure what I should write here. What am I going to do with her now? I had intended to use this domain for the blog I established (regretfully) at nymFont.com whilst my nymPHont.com was stuck in lunar-limbo...

Artistic, expressive, personal? Professional. So many possibilities, only one Nymphont.

Nymphont. I can't escape it nowadays it seems. Maybe I can hide here. Let's not tell anyone about this, alright? This will be our little secret. A refuge.Until they find me. That might be fun.

Give your life a listen and stay tuned,
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